Emergency Physician Professional Association (EPPA) Postgraduate Program


Inception Date: 2014


We offer an Advanced Practice Clinician Training (APC-T) program to assist you as you transition into your new career as a clinician in the specialty of emergency medicine. After training, you will move to a full APC role with the skillset to work in an emergency department and/or our Urgency Room. Our APC-T training program at EPPA has proven its success in cultivating a team of highly skilled, emergency-trained clinicians. Our training program spans twelve months, following a meticulously crafted curriculum and hands-on learning to equip our clinicians with the comprehensive skill set essential for navigating the complexities of emergency care. From understanding advanced diagnostic techniques to learning critical decision-making abilities under pressure, our APC-Ts emerge as providers capable of delivering top-tier care in the most demanding of situations. We have implemented comprehensive tools to ensure that our team is exposed to the core elements necessary to build their success in the emergency department. Our emphasis on quality training and continuous professional development ensures that our graduates remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving landscape of emergency medicine.

Clinical Rotations:

EPPA is currently staffing 7 Twin Cities metro hospitals, 1 central MN hospital, 6 regional/rural sites, and 3 Urgency Rooms (free-standing facilities). Patient volumes across all sites range from 9K-75K per year. In addition, at month 9 you will rotate at our stand-alone Urgency Rooms, which offer emergency department capabilities including labs and advanced imaging like CT.

Program Length: 12 months

Class Size: 4-6 per cohort

Class start dates: January, April, and September

Stipend: $86,900

Benefits: Top compensation, generous retirement plan and benefits, outstanding support from EPPA-trained Scribes, attention to work-life balance.

Program Contact Information:

Colleen Weed, APC Manager;

Dr. Kaveesh Maharaj, Medical Director;

Maddie Dosch, Clinical Provider Recruitment Manager;

Program Website: