Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

The SEMPA Mentoring Program is a member resource available to PA students, new PAs or any PA seeking guidance in the field of emergency medicine.

Why work with a mentor?

Every job has difficulties when first starting out, but emergency medicine has an extraordinarily steep learning curve. With a mentor, you don’t have to go it alone. You can have a more experienced EMPA to guide you along the way. Our mentors are experienced clinicians and leaders in emergency medicine.

A SEMPA mentor can help with:

  • Finding a job, preparing for a job interview and navigating contracts
  • Understanding what emergency medicine educational resources are available
  • What to expect from the specialty
  • Tips and tricks to make it through your shifts
  • Guidance on moving up in emergency medicine
  • Leadership development for new EMPA leaders
  • And more!

Apply for the Program

Due to the popularity of this program, we currently have a wait list. If you are interested in having a mentor, please sign the wait list and when one becomes available we will match you. We are working on expanding our base of available mentors and will match you as soon as we can.

SEMPA Mentoring Program Wait List
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