SEMPA Ultrasound Course
2024 Videos

To help prepare you for the upcoming SEMPA Ultrasound Course in Jacksonville, FL, we have provided links below to some brief ultrasound videos. While viewing them are optional, they may better help your prepare for the course and enhance your educational experience. This is not an inclusive list of the course content.


Basic Ultrasound Physics

Ultrasound Artifacts, Part 1

Ultrasound Artifacts, Part 2




Aortic Dissection

Aortic Aneurysm


Cellulitis vs. Abscess

MSK Basics


How To Obtain Cardiac Windows

Basic Cardiac Function

How To Perform A Pulmonary Exam

Basic OB/GYN

Intrauterine Pregnancy Identification

Fetal Heart Rate

Gestational Age

Optic Nerve Diameter

Vitreous/Retinal Detachment

SEMPA gives a special thank you to Jailyn Avila, MD, of 5 Minute Sono, for allowing us to share the content. For more exams and videos, please visit CORE Ultrasound.