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SonoSim’s Integrated Training Solution


  • SonoSim® Courses are delivered in an interactive multimedia format using still and dynamic ultrasound imagery, audio narration, computer graphic imagery, and animation.
  • SonoSim® Courses are developed by leading experts in ultrasonography and medical education and delivered online.

Hands-on Training

  • Cases obtained from real patients allow for an on-demand, authentic
    scanning experience.
  • Learn to use the exact probe movements expert sonographers used to scan the original patients.
  • The SonoSimulator® replicates the exact tactile experience of using an actual ultrasound probe to scan a real patient.

Knowledge Assessment

  • Users answer in-module and end-of-module knowledge assessment questions.
  • In-module questions are accompanied by direct question-answer feedback, while end-of-module questions are automatically scored with real-time results provided to users.
  • Hands-on training cases can be saved, annotated, and archived for performance review.