Postgraduate Assessment Program


What is the SEMPA/Rosh Review Assessment Program?

The SEMPA/Rosh Review Assessment Program is an online question bank available to EMPA postgraduate training programs. Content spans the entire scope of medical knowledge expected of an EMPA practicing in emergency medicine.

The program was developed as a collaboration between the SEMPA Postgraduate Education Committee and Rosh Review with the aim being to create a measurable means of identifying and documenting the value of EMPA postgraduate training. Rosh Review is a high quality, high yield adjunct to any program’s didactic curriculum and provides explanations, visual learning aids, reference sections, rapid review sections, predictive scoring, and performance analysis to EMPA postgraduate trainees.

What does the subscription include?

Programs and trainees receive access to over 1500 questions covering all major areas of emergency medicine training. Performance feedback is provided along with explanations and visual learning aids. Trainees can be assigned a set systems-based block of questions or may create their own blocks of questions for self-study.

For programs that utilize the Foundations of Emergency Medicine online curriculum, paired Foundations quizzes are also available to assign to trainees. Foundations I quizzes should be assigned in the first year of training in parallel with the systems-based curriculum that is being covered by the individual program. Programs with a length of training longer than 12 months may choose to utilize the Foundations II quizzes for their second year trainees.

Finally, a pre, mid and final training exam are available to assign to trainees during the course of their program. The SEMPA Postgraduate Education committee will assign access to these exams and will have the ability to analyze and send comparative data to participating programs so that they may compare their program’s performance to other EMPA postgraduate training programs in the country. To gain access to these exams and data sets, individual programs are responsible for submitting trainee information to SEMPA via this online form.

Programs have the option to add on access to a PD Dashboard feature that allows program leadership to follow trainee performance individually, follow trends to see how the program is performing as a whole and identify trainee knowledge deficits. The dashboard can also be used to assign specific quizzes or blocks of questions to trainees.


Subscription duration, Pricing and Discounts


Subscription duration:

Subscriptions can be prorated to any duration that a program needs. When you request a quote, it’s important to consider how long you would like your trainees to have access to the question banks.


Regardless of the subscription type and duration, the pricing for the assessment program is based on a per-trainee basis. Access to the question bank starts at $219/trainee for 12 months. The optional PD Dashboard is $35/trainee.

SEMPA Discount:

Rosh Review offers discounts to trainees who are SEMPA members. Pricing for a SEMPA program is listed below.

Resident SEMPA Membership (Paid to SEMPA) = $50

Your Rosh Review Membership

  • $219  Trainee dashboard
  • -$70   (SEMPA Discount)
  •   $35   PD Dashboard (optional)

Total for 1 trainee for 1 year of access: $184 (or $149 without PD Dashboard)


Rosh Review offers a comprehensive support plan at no added cost to your program.

Set up - for program subscriptions:

After payment or a purchase order is received, the support team can get your program and trainees set up with their SEMPA/Rosh Review Assessment Program account(s) within one business day, in most cases. The program director will receive the login credentials to the PD Dashboard and all of the participating trainees will receive an activation email with instructions on how to set up their accounts.

Training - for program subscriptions:

Although Rosh Review’s app and dashboard is intuitive and easy to use, you will have training and support throughout the duration of your subscription. You can also opt to have a live webinar training for your program.

Ongoing Support:

There is a dedicated support team to assist with you and your trainees with any issues that may arise. Should you need to add or remove trainees at any time, you can also reach out to the individual who set up your account.


The purchasing process is simple.

  1. To utilize the SEMPA discount, secure SEMPA membership for each of your trainees online by clicking here or by calling 877.297.7594
  2. Request quote from Rosh Review by emailing
  3. After payment is received, a Rosh Review representative will work with you to set up your account
  4. Licenses are distributed to all of your trainees
  5. To participate in the pre, mid and final exam, complete the SEMPA form with new cohort trainee information.  Click here to access. Individual programs will determine the dates that trainees complete these exams.